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 Step-by-step service center repair solutions for professional audio devices

The Bose Service Center is a move by Bose Corporateto  provide this audio product with optimal  service to users and consumers of the United States.  Whether for personal use, such as headphones or professional audio needs, Bose, known  as the company  that develops various audio systems,  strongly defends its patent rights.

Since its founding in 1964 by Amar Bose , the brand has become very popular in the international audio technology world . Various products already have their own patents and trademarks, known as quality and reliable products for home or professional use.

Production of Bose products is carried out in the United States, Mexico, China and Malaysia. It is possible not only to produce audio devices such as speakers, headsets or whistleblowers, but also to deliver audio systems to a number of world automakers since 2007.

To ensure the convenience of users of their products, Bose service centers are opened in different countries and can be accessed both offline and online. You can  contact the repair services that are having trouble  or simply ask about various Bose products using the website or call center.

You can apply for repairs using the unique serial number available on each Bose device. Each  contains a location code and serial number as an ID and is a sign that the product is the actual product. This serial number is needed as an ID to perform the service.

Bose Product Discovery Series Number

Each Bose manufacturer’s product comes with a unique series number or 4-digit code shown in the original product or packaging. This unique number can usually be easily found on the bottom or back of the product. This serial number in some products is listed near the code for the stamp.

Code number 17 for most products or 4 digits of the product on the headset product. Series numbers can only consist of numbers or be inserted with letters so that they become a combination. This  serial number is used to access Bose service center services.

With the serial number of this product, it ensures the authenticity of the items you  purchase  and makes it easy to connect to The Bose Connect, Music, Sleep, and Hear applications.  Connecting your audio device to these applications can also help you find out the serial number if you haven’t found it yet.

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Go to the app – Settings – Product Info, and you’ll find a series for your device. When you’re about to report services to a service center, it’s easy to know a series of specific devices. A unique series can also be learned through the device manual and warranty.

If you have  not yet found a unique serial number for your device, please  contact your Bose Service Center.   Admin helps you check serial number. It is only necessary to contact and provide information about the device then it will be directly checked for the product.

Bose Audio Product Repair Service

Despite the fact that the product originates from a prominent brand and has a long service resistance, every item used will certainly be damaged at any time, but does not rule out the possibility of damage. This also applies to Bose audio devices, especially if they are not properly stored.

When the device is experiencing a damage problem, the best way is to use the help of an authorized service, as repairs are available to ensure guaranteed security and warranty. If you want to use the audio device repair service,  you can go to the B ose service center.

If you do not want to bother coming directly to the place of service, you can use online service services by visiting the site or contacting the nearest contact service center. If you want to use  offline or online services,  you need to start by entering a unique device number (serial number).

However,  you do not know the unique number of the device, you can ask the service team to check. If you come directly to the service center, the check will be made directly to the device, but if it is done online, you can send pictures or videos of the device you have.

Product repair services can be provided only in the original product. So, if the serial number cannot be found, it means that the device cannot be proved authentic and repairs can not be done at the service center. So, when buying, it is important to make sure that the product is real.

Launch of new product repair service

If  you want to apply offline  at  the Bose service center directly for  product  repair, then  you need to take the device  to the service center. The technicians then check the serial number. Then, if you take the serial number test, it will be handled directly at the registration desk. The team then checks if the device is damaged.

Damage testing usually takes 1×24 hours. And once the damage is known , you will be informed about the damage and how it will be repaired . In addition, information will be provided about the cost of repairs that must be paid by consumers if they have gone out of the collateral. After the consumer has agreed on the cost, repairs will be carried out.

Repairs can last up to 7 working hours, depending on the difficulty. To pick up goods, the repairs will be contacted by consumers when they are completed. Warrant for repairs from at least 1 week to 3 months, depending on the repaired part.

If they apply for repairs at the Bose  online service center. This can be done by calling via website or hotline. Then fill in the full  name and address, as well as the contact number you may encounter, and fill the product with the backup of the technician. Enter a serial number or unique device code with 4 digits.

The administrator then checks and sets the time for the visit of the technicians.  Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the technical team to come for inspection. Upon completion of  the inspection, it will be notified of the damage to the device and the methods of its repair and its costs. If it is still within the warranty period, then the fee is free.

Sale of various audio products and accessories

In addition to providing maintenance services and serial number searches, the Bose Service Center  also provides customer service that wants to know the latest and old products.  So  consumers can find out the latest Bose products before deciding to buy.

Not only that, but  you can also buy a variety of original products and accessories directly or online. The purchase of accessories   can be customized to the device you have directly at the point of sale, as well as serve or visit the official Bose website and store.

There is a wide selection of speakers, audio sunglasses, home theater, headphones and health products.  You can see the full descriptions of the product and watch the demo via a demo video.   All devices are genuine products, which can be used and connected to the appropriate application.

An official guarantee ensures you get the best product and you can immediately claim to the relief center if you have had problems during the warranty period. The availability of spare parts also guarantees that  your device  can still be used for a long time. So, it is not a device that can be abandoned after damage.

For full information about the availability of products and parts , you can check directly on the website or contact the nearest service center. For convenience , you can have an account on the official website so you can get a variety of latest information and the best promos.

Various audio devices from Bose have good durability, but it does not exclude the possibility of damage. If your device  is damaged, make sure that the device has serial number ID first. You can then go directly to the Bose Service Center  or use online services.

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