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The Right Solution Online Loan VS Normal

The   changes in the  modern era have resulted    in a series of emerging loan modifications  in various sectors.   In fact, it’s not unusual for  a loan offer to appear via a send sms to your phone number.   The proposal also offers varied interest rates from lowest to highest.

When times   are difficult you tend to find a way to borrow  money,  whether it’s through close friends with a lending service  company.This method  you think can help in the hope of returning it as soon as you get a change.   Even if it doesn’t bloom, it is possible that your good relationship has been damaged  .

Not just when you need money for your personality  ,  when you want to open a new business or a business, you definitely need funds and funds in the first place.  When this happens , you do not want to borrow from your friends because you have plenty to do .   Then you will look for a lot of borrowing.

 Money becomes life-supporting 

Money remains a problem for the community frequently because of the many needs to be met.   Then people will go to great lengths to earn a living for their lives  .  So,  there is often a saying that money is a solution to a lot of things.

But actually making money by borrowing can be dangerous if you can’t return it immediately.  So now there are loans that can be paid off quickly  .  The right solution loans are still being valued by large companies.  At least currently there are two methods of loans that can be used, namely Online and Genre.

The advantages and disadvantages of each lending method

Conventional loans are still used today even though many online loans have taken place  ; in an era of sophisticated technology  , awareness is needed to develop.   The difference in  each such method  of lending  will be explained based on their interests and disadvantages.


To make a loan, the right solution  , of course, there are the advantages and disadvantages of both that you need to know before you borrow  .   A typical loan or  manual means coming to the site directly to lend  .

You will find customer service or someone serving on site  .  You will then be asked about the amount of loans needed and fill out information according to the company’s needs.  Your information will later be matched with an IDENTITY card to identify whether you can get a loan  .

The company that typically provides a typical loan service is  BANKS.   The benefits of normal loans are the company’s clear opening and the lack of need to use the tools to make loans.  But what is lacking is that  many people  eventually move to online loans.

The disadvantage of this normal loan is the benefit of an online loan  ; one  of them is  a fast process  so you don’t have to spend any  time waiting in line at the point.  The time you spend is not wasted.  This benefit feels especially when there is a sudden need.

So,  online loans are often referred to as corrective mortgages compared to conventional methods  .  In addition  to being a   fast and capable process anywhere,  online loans  have the advantage simplicity in terms of very simple requirements.   You need to prepare some photos of your ID.

How to make online and normal loans

Although the two methods have their own disadvantages and  advantages, you still need to adjust the needs you can do.  However,  considering that you can now borrow money from the Internet more easily  ,  it has never hurt to try some steps to borrow money online as  below.

  1. Choose a reliable protocol

The first important step for you to take is to choose  a  trust online lending application  .   Not all applications have already been formally approved and subject to  the OJK.   So, make sure the application or company you borrow already has the official OJK logo.

  1. Download on Smartphone

Moreover, once you have chosen,  then you need to download the application on your smartphone.  As a loan, the correct solution is to ensure that interest from borrowing on that site is also low so that you don’t have problems with paying bills.

  1. Write in your Identity

Step three if the application is already installed  ,  then open the application and write your information or identity  .  Make sure everything is full of accuracy and completeness.   This is intended to avoid possible mistakes that can be made and rejected by the company instead  .

  1. Lending

If you have completed the documentation and been confirmed by the application developer  ,  then make a loan with the amount you have specified and the time for a full refund  .   At this stage, it is very important to pay attention and not to underestimate.

  1. Confirmation from the company that made the petition

If you are sure the number and time of the loan    , then you will be asked to complete the process and wait for confirmation from the company.       Some companies take a little longer to confirm due to a large number of requests       .

However, some companies within just a few hours and even minutes can send a response to the borrowing request you send.

Considering the use of loans is the right solution

Before taking the steps above to borrow money  , there are many considerations you need to pay attention when making a loan  ,  correcting it using your smartphone  application or a convention.   The following consideration.

  1. Payment plan

First of all, in addition to the purpose of the loan  , you have to consider the payment plan you have to make.   Try to compare the income you get to the time of the mortgage payment  .  Both online and general methods should take this account into account equally  .

Typically at the beginning of the right correction loan you are required to report profits and losses           ,  cash flow statements,    in order to be able to analyze the working and business conditions you are currently living in,              a guarantee form for the company.

  1. Loan amount

Second, there is a loan amount.     It’s not because of the ease of borrowing that you end up and don’t carefully consider the name of your loan          .         You can borrow the right money and don’t have to exaggerate it because it’s going to be a lot more burden on you when you come back    .

  1. Guarantees or guarantees

The end of a   correct solution  loan that is less important is considering collateral or collateral.   Whether it’s a conventional bank or an online lending requires a merger or a collaboration as evidence  .  You cannot evaluate this because there is often a rejection because it does not comply with the guaranteeyou you provide  .

However, none of them could provide unsecured loans because of a small number of loans.   Usually, the loan guarantee requested must be in line with the loan label to avoid the possibility of being late or not paid at all by the borrower.

When lending both conventions and online       ,  you have to make sure everything is safe and not make mistakes     . So, it’s a good idea to find the best information about the right mortgage modifications you choose        .

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