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Daikin Service Center provides the best air conditioning maintenance

To simultaneously ensure that the performance of the air conditioner is in good condition, you can contact the service center.   Professional technicians will handle and maintain your air conditioning appropriately. If you use Daikin Service services directly, you can really know the AC system according to the manufacturer.

Professional technicians from the daikin service center will  provide the necessary maintenance. According to the content and system of Daikin itself. Because it’s wrong inchoosing a technician to be able to take care ofhim inappropriately. It is not optimal in finding problems with the AC system. Even when treating or repairing it can worsen the condition of the air conditioner.

Moreover, this type of air conditioner uses cangkih technology, which is slightly different from other types of air conditioners. So technicians from Daikin service centers understand the product best. This professional technician is part of the service to ensure the comfort of your room.

Dri  Daikin Service Center

Below is the maintenance you can get from Daikin service.

  1. Caring for a filter

You must regularly ensure that the air conditioner filter is in clean and good condition.  A dirty  filter will interfere with air circulation and negatively affect the ability of the air conditioner to clean the air. Even a dirty filter can  cause  dirt to suck into the evaporator, and  the ability to absorb heat is not optimal.

The ability to absorb heat that is not optimal not only reduces the performance of air conditioners. But it can also make the air conditioner work harder and require more energy. This will increase electricity consumption.  Ensuring the cleanliness of the filter can save the energy needfor air conditioning by about 5 – 15 percent.

You should regularly ensure that the filter is in perfect condition, both purity and quality.   To be able to ensure that this can be done every month or two. When air conditions are dirty or used continuously, cleaning or replacing the filter is done faster than when rarely used.

  1. Kondenzatn Canal

The sewer should be periodically checked for ablockage or not. In case of blockage, the ability to dry will be reduced.   This will result in an excess of moisture, which can affect the color of the walls or carpets of the room.   If it happens like this, it will cause the cost of room maintenance in general to swell even more. Therefore, if you want to save money, entrust it to the technician to check it periodically.

Other important maintenance you can get

In addition to some maintenance described above, you can get other maintenance from Daikin service.

  1. Coil AC

When maintaining an air conditioner, what Daikin service centers usually pay attention to  is the coil capacitor. This part is useful for collecting dirt in the process of air filtration. If it is used more and more often and if the air conditioner is poor, the need to pay attention to this part is increasingly important. Especially if the filter state is not clean enough.

If the condition of this capacitor becomes dirtier, it will reduce the ability of the air conditioner to absorb heat. Therefore,  it is important to periodically inspect and clean it at least once every 1 year. Especially if the condenser is outdoors, as well as environmental conditions dusty or leafy.

If placed  outdoors , you will easily see the condenser coil and notice whether it needs to be cleaned or not, dirt is on the fins. Treat it so that there is no accumulation of dirt, except for occasional cleaning of the condenser coil. In order not to get dirty easily, make sure  that you put the place for placing  the capacitor in a clean state.

A clean condenser site will ensure good maintenance of airflow.   Because on the fins it is easy to absorb dirt. If this happens, air circulation will not go well.   Because, it is necessary periodically how to check him periodically to make sure that his condition is in order.

  1. Window gasket

It is also important to check the condition of the gasket between the air conditioner and the window frame so thatit is well placed. Ordinary humid conditions can damage this, which causes cold air to leak out of the room.  This will disrupt the ability of the air conditioner to create stable room conditions.

General problems yang bisa solved service center

A common problem that service centers usually notice  to maintain  the condition of the air conditioner in the best condition is to ensure proper installation, regular service process and maintain it appropriately. In the installation of a central air conditioner, improperly can cause duct leakage and low air flow.

Often the coolant  does not comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. Therefore , you need a quality technical daikin service center so that you can find problems with refrigerant filling. Because Daikin air conditioning products are made of high quality and very solid.

If your  air conditioner lacks refrigerant, there is usually a problem with charging during installation or leakage. If it lacks charging, it can be added to it.  However, if there is a leak, it is betterto do it directly.

Daikin technicians  repair leaks,  test repairs andfill the system with the right refrigerant.   By directly requesting maintenance from Daikin services, they will understand the manufacturer’s specifications and can replenish the right amount.

Ensuring common problems that are rarely noticed

The electrical control will also  be inspected by the service center so that it is in good and proper condition. If the electrical control is imprecise, it will cause rapid wear of the compressor and fan. Especially if you often turn off or turn on the air conditioner. This will cause wear dand wire and terminals causing problemson many systems.  Electrical connections and contacts should be checked by professional Daikin technicians.

Air conditioners are usually equipped with a thermostatic sensor located behind the control panel. Shake the temperature of the air entering the evaporation coil.   If the sensor is not in position, it can rotate continuously. The sensor should be near the godfathereven, but do not touch it.  You need to make sure that this sensor is in position by asking a professional technician.

If the external conditions are wet, it should ensure that the sewage is in good condition, no, clogged and flows well.   If it is located in the room, it may not flow well if it is not installed on the floor.

Technicians of the Daikin Service Center will check the exact amount of coolant, test  the coolant leak using a leak detector. Check and close distribution channel leaks, check and repair leaks in central system channels, and so on.

Checking the correct size of the electrical control and ensuring that the parts used to regulate heat and cold will work to the maximum. Checking  the condition of the electrical circuit, cleaning or tightening the connection using parts that do not conduct electricity if necessary.  Check  the oil and seat beltswhether they are worn or not, as well as check the accuracy of the thermostat.

You can get their services by visiting the website at www. Daikin.co.di.  Contact us via website, contact or email. Daikin has dealers spread throughout major cities across Indonesia. In addition, they work with technicians who have received special training from Daikin in every city.

So you don’t have to find the best technicians anymore, Daikin has provided that.   They will then send a technician closest to your location. In addition, of course, send technicians who are consistent with the problem of air conditioning. Spare parts are always available at the daikin service center.

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