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Take the help center to sue the driver, this is the easiest way also

Grab’s driver Sachu is one of Indonesia’s second largest online motorcycle taxi operators and one of the loyal customer facilities. The person involved was pretended to be a driver to take advantage of the robbery case. Passengers are caught off guard and act

This trip is not only harmful to consumers, but also hurt by operators. First, consumers reduce Grab’s trust. In this way, many people do not want to reuse. This prison is easy to pass on.

Submit your complaint first, please do your best to number or the driver’s name. If you recognize the facial knot, the search will be easy. Sincerity is to distinguish between good and evil, and sincerity is difficult. It’s just that you have to be sensitive from the beginning.

There must be doubts about moving. If so, please bring your mobile phone. For notes, then sue Grab to help, lift driver Yiyi. In the latest version, you can slow things down, please keep it updated

In addition to using the help center, Jun Yu had to use him by phone to visit him. It is 24 days less available. It is that the customer does not suffer from the question, and there will be a good response.

The driver is reported by the Grab Assistance Center

It is convenient to be an operator, for a number, can dial 021-80648777, exclusively for Jabodetabek customers. The external phone number is 021-80648799. This second visit will make Grab easy to know.

For each person, the fare must be paid. Especially mobile phones, government operators. Or give cheap to expensive.  Customers try to talk to them by phone. Local and local rates will apply

There is also a way to take the help center to tell the driver, sincerely do not want to believe in the tariff, you can taste it. Hundred social media things. Unfortunately, try to be this generation of solutions, you must be patient. Retribution tends to be longer than a mobile phone

Don’t worry, nothing to complain about for a long time, stay in the system. For example, the customer is waiting for the row number. When it comes, there will be goodness. Interesting, the trail does not pause also. Please wait for the second time to hear

This gentleman’s social media is also located. Instagram with Twitter@GRABID, while Facebook with GRAB. The first step is to email from the address. Finally, try to go to the Grab office in Zhucheng

Use the help center as a simple step

Help the heart with Grab, help the  driver in the center. This new feature is already available in the app. This operator is also a loyal Grab user of Pepsi

It’s easy to use this helper. Try to turn the main menu. In addition, there are many options available. Select “Help” and “Help”, and then there is the option “Help”. Since this choice has been provided, the king must choose it.

Interestingly, the menu is not only for passengers, but also for drivers. Operator service, things do not have to be the fault of one party. Grab’s help, still in the middle of his voice

Next, you must complete the selected article. For example, there are rogue drivers. Customers should be said to be in this way, and harassment is cleared from afar.

After everything is paid, it is often necessary to wait first. Customer service will be appropriate for complaints. Then by email. Try to report e-mail, e-mail limited also. and limited, reported and scrapped.

It is best to use the help center function

Use this to help the driver, and it is beneficial. The first is very simple, and the facilities are available on the page. So you don’t have to open it. But click on the menu and everything is in order

In other words, it is also quite good. Although there is a waiting time first, it can be disposed of. But it didn’t last long. Very short, customers quiet. The highest indicator of its most ill is also.

and the rule of those who have no new questions. There are many good people in this report driver’s help. So submit a lawsuit. It doesn’t take a long time to read more about things

This Grab is so one of the loyal customers to stream also. Inquirer, customer service is informed. It’s fun to be a quick solution.

Multiple complaints

So far, there have been many lawsuits against Grab. All punishments. Such as the Alien Car Affair app. Or sometimes see the driver using a different kind of car. Public prosecution can be initiated.

Grab said that if the driver has strong evidence such as photos, the driver will be reprimanded. This sincerity is not good for consumers either. Since he is not, he has to thank the driver, and he has made it clear

The truth is that it does not increase. Imagine high-end car messaging for customer drivers. Gai Qi also came, the car was far away, uneven. All the cabins are dirty, and there are still more. For customers, you must be sleepy.

Complaining that the driver is reckless, it is not the will of the monarch,  or he runs a red light. This law must be strict. To endanger the lives of passengers too. Therefore, do not return to other passengers

This OJEK operator service has increased over the years. The convenience of supply, so that it will not be controlled, and it will be reduced quickly. Do not hesitate, to hold the middle to inform the driver, so  that the person who is comfortable is also there



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