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Telcom’s 24-hour complaint call  centre is really important to consumers. Its presence leads to a variety of complaints, as well as some questions can be asked to clarify the service that the consumer needs to find, but in fact this service is not entirely useful.

Some consumers face problems and do not use them. In fact, when this issue is felt, these consumers also feel uncomfortable. However, ignorance of how to contact the CS becomes a major problem. Most of the time, some people feel embarrassed when they’re in touch with him. We want to know that the path of thinking is completely wrong.

Do not waste the  facility in the form  of a 24-hour Telcom complaint call centre  . If that happens, you will in fact be a disgrace. The confusion that was thought to have to disappear immediately by contacting the call centre does not end, so let’s know a picture of the call centre.


The call centre is one of telco’s services to its customers  , which we hope will make it easier for customers to complete a variety of activities. You can choose your time at any time when you want to call him, because its CS 24 hours a day.

However, there is a  difference when you call  Telcom’s Complaint Call Centre 24 hours a day  during official  hours with other hours . When you call the call centre, the number of CS available is very high. With so many CS, each question will be answered faster.

If you are communicating with CS during other hours, you will feel different things. CS is less available for that hour. It takes a while to pick up the phone. However, the time is unexpected.

Telcom’s 24-hour complaint call center  only has to wait a few minutes until it is ready to serve, and another question related to this call center is often related to costs, with some asking whether the cost of contacting the call ventor is free or charged.

The emphasis here is on setting the rate by contacting the call centre. The tariff itself is in line with the provider used. Tariffs will also be higher when the provider sets a high erased fee. In addition to using a smartphone, it can also be done via landline by calling the call centre.

When he is contacted by landline, the cost is also in line with the landline. Of course, it is clear that these costs are cheaper compared to the use of a provider. Therefore,  it is highly recommended to use landline by contacting the  Telcom Complaint Call Centre 24 hours a day.

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The easiest way  to contact Telcom’s call center is  to use your phone, as explained, you can contact CS via your smartphone or landline, but be aware that the numbers you use are different, when you use a smartphone, you have to call 021-147.

Make sure you get electronic credit before calling directly. There is no minimum amount of credit when you want to connect. However, make sure the credit is not less than 25,000. This figure will provide communication flexibility. This avoids keeping the phone from breaking halfway.

If interrupted, communication must be made from the outset. If you’re sure the credit is enough, call that number directly via your smartphone. Once ringing,  there will be a help service that explains how you choose features at the  24-hour Telcom Complaint Call Center, to shorten your time, choose number 1.

By selecting this number, the service will be transferred to Indonesia immediately. Select number 1 and select Number 2. There, you will be promptly notified to communicate directly with CS. That is why No 2 is indeed devoted to complaints in the form of interference.

Wait until you call CS from there and you can file your own complaint immediately. If you use the landline, the number is 147. When contacted via landline for Telcom’s 24-hour Complaint Call Centre  , this method is slightly different when you use a smartphone.

Because when you use a smartphone, there’s no way to choose such numbers. It is immediately directed to CS by calling via landline. This also reduces the time taken to reduce the amount of time it takes. The only time requirement is when cs are available and wait.

He can also be contacted via social media

The biggest problem when contacting  Telcom’s 24-hour Complaint Call Centre is  costly, with no credit stocks and no landline ownership, and there are a number of conditions to contact him, and if you encounter this problem, it may be an option to contact him via social media.

There are two social media outlets used by Telcom: Twitter and Facebook, and if you look at the ease of contact, you’ll be better off connecting to Twitter to contact him, first prepare your personal indihome number.

That’s when the number is asked later. If you’re ready, log in to your personal Twitter account and follow Telcom’s official Twitter account, which itself uses  ID @telcom care with characteristics similar to most official accounts, to contact him, dm or name.

Originally, include the privately owned indihome number as well as the complaint being experienced. Instead of actually using the name, you’d better call him via DM. Because DM is much more private in nature.  Wait until you get a response directly from Telcom, and this waiting time will not exceed 24 hours.

After responding, Telcom will usually  resolve the issue immediately, and complaints can be made using Facebook Messenger, which is very similar to how you connect to yourself when using Twitter, first of all, you have to log in to your personal Facebook account.

Then, find a Telkomcare account and send a message via Facebook Messenger, which requires details of the problem with a personal indiehome number, which also shows that the waiting time should not exceed 24 hours, as if he did not receive a direct answer such as over the phone, he needed patience when contacted.

Contact Call Center when faced with this issue

There are a number of issues that force customers who are forced to call Telcom’s 24-hour complaint call centre, but one of the most important conditions is signal interference when it comes.  Telkom is indonesia’s largest signal service provider.

If there is a problem with the signal, it will obviously suffer as a consumer. In addition, you  have to contact the call centre when home-installed telcom devices are damaged  . If the device is damaged, you certainly cannot use all the services, which is really bad for those who have paid.

In addition, if questions are raised about services that have not yet been considered, they should contact the call centre. It should be known that the presence of CS does not just help to solve a variety of problems. CS also helps customers clarify information about the services they seek.

Don’t feel humiliated by a service that doesn’t have enough. If this happens, you have the real fault. If you want to contact the call centre, you must resolve the issue. After all,  it’s technically easy to contact Telcom’s 24-hour complaint call centre.

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