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The weather of Bakasi City, West Java, is extreme because of this


So far, the weather in Bekasi, West Java, has entered one of the hottest cities in Indonesia. This is due to a number of reasons. As many people already know, in Kasi City is one of the many areas in West Java. This city is indeed part of the metropolitan areatan Jabodetabek.


In fact, this region is also a satellite city where the numberof Pandu Doc is the highest in Indonesia.  There are many things you need to knowabout this city. In Cassie Regency itself is the most important area that can support the capital. So it is not strange that many urban people choose this area.


Many urbanites choose it as a place to live. About half of all the countries in the region, in Cassie is an area that can be said to be urbanly efficient. Up to 4% became industrial zones, 90% became housing, 3% became commercial services and the rest were used as other structures.


In the province itself, the industry is the largest in Southeast Asia. For the number itself about 4, 000 enterprises originating from different countries. It is not strange if this city is in support of the national economy. There are many well-known industries in the region.


To date, this capital-supporting region also has an excellent opportunity for many investors to invest. Although it is packed with industrial ga dal, there are many peoplewho have the desire to be able to invest in the region. It is not strange if the temperature in Bakasi itself also tends to be hot.


Daytime temperatures tend to be warmer


This area of the metropolis usually enters the climate of the tropical season. The humidity level itself is quite high, which is24 to 33 degrees Celsius. But oftenthe weather in the city of Bacasi, West Java, is also warmer than usual. Even some regions in Indonesia have experienced this as well.


The temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius due to the sun’s locationaround the equatorial North Harris. The movement of the sun is even more towards the north. This usually happens in April. In addition, because of the rather hot temperature, the weather also becomes brighter and even cloudy.


Not only that, there is another reason that makes theweather in Bakasi West Java quite electric is because the clouds that cover it are quite small because it is sunny. This allows for more sunlight that the land receives. Because there is no cloud to hold it back.


That is why the temperature in Bakasi and some regions of Indonesia is heating up. Because the surface temperature rises. Because it is bright, there are also not many clouds in the air. Because there is also not much water vapor in the air. So the air becomes relatively dry. That is why the temperature has become so hot.


Often this extreme weather occurs because it is still in a period of transition.  Where from the rainy season to the dry season. So some areas still often experience extreme weather.  The potential of this weather itself is due to the fact that in the day or evening there is heavy rain. Even until there was hail along with strong winds,


Nights in Cassie are colder


In Cassie SirTe Jakarta is indeed knownfor warm temperatures. But it happens day or night. However, there are times whenthe weather in Bacasi, West Java, also changes to cold at night.  Especially in the dry season, in Cassie it often gets colder when night falls.


The phenomenon is certainly not without reason. Because in the dry seasonthere are indeed few clouds in the sky. It has also become one of the most common characteristics when the dry season arrives. When the air during the day is hot, then the minimum temperature in the area is also low.


This low temperature often occurs in the early hours of the morning. Meanwhile, little by little the temperature will rise along with the sun’s rays. It is not strange if the weather in the city of Bacasi, West Java, is also erratic between morning and evening. If you live in the area of Bakasi and its surroundings, then you must be accustomed to it.


Although not many people know the reason, but indeed if the air temperature during the day is high enough, then it is very likely that the night temperature is also low. Air humidity will increase to 90%. So at night the air is quite cold. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself when the temperature changes.


Why the rainy season but the hot temperatures?


Although it enters the rainy season, it is often theweather in Bekasi, western Java, which is still quite warm. It is certainly not only experienced by the capital city that supports the regions, but some regions of Indonesia have also experienced it.  Even if it rains, it is also often heavy with wind.


There are several reasons whyduring the rainy season, the air temperature warms upeven though it is raining. One of them is due to the fact thatmost of the region is experiencing an increase in temperatures. In November, the simulated movement of the sun isindeed righton top of the island of Java itself.


The location of thesimulated movementof the Sun located just above the island of Java itself also occurstwicein a period ofone year, namely Novemberand April.  So the peak ofthe hot temperature takes place in the samemonth.  The hot airduring the dayis indeed due to the simulated movement of the sun.


Not only that, the weather in the city of Bacasi, West Java, which is brighter, itselfis the reason. This sunny weather exposes sunlightto optimally tuned surfaces. So it’s not strange that the soil is warmer. In fact, many say that in the rainy season Indonesia is actually warmer.


Poor air quality in Bekasi


Not only in West Java, but also warm temperatures occur in almost all places in Indonesia. Even in some areas the temperature is up to 40 degrees Celsius. This weather, which can be said to be extreme, usually occurs also because the daily simulated movement of the sun continues to move to the southern hemisphere.


Because theweather in the city of Bacasi, West Java, also makes many people prefer to do activities at home as well. Surely everyone also wants to havea cool home, including you, right? There are many things you can do to make the air temperature cool.


However, in Bacasi, the air quality is quite poor and BAHKAN is in the category ofunhealthy Ji Ka compared to Jakarta, even more than twice as bad. Many people say that the warm weather in Bekasi is due to the large number of industrial activities in it.


But it turns out that this is not only because of this. You must know, the hot weather in Bakasi is also because of a lot of things. Indeed, one of them is due to the existence of industry. In addition there is pollution from the transport that makes the air even more unhealthy. Even the construction of toll roads also explainsthe poor temperature quality.


However, the government is also doing a lot to make the temperature even better. It’s like planting trees with the community. To keep the air cool and healthy. Indeed, the weather in the city of Bacasi, West Javaitself is quite oak wood tram, especially in the transitional season.

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